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Combines the aesthetics of a regular household mirror with the functionality of your phone.

Also measures home water usage.

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Orange Group Personas – Fangyi, Haixiao, Felipe, Ayhan, and Lila



Gigolo Jackson
Gigolo Jackson

Gigolo Jackson is a 17-year-old high school senior who is bored with his daily routine. His friends are all playing MyWorld, and are obsessed with visiting each other’s worlds. It is convenient, because they can all hang out with each other without bothering their parents for rides, and they can choose to join in or leave each others’ worlds whenever they want. Thus, Gigolo decides to buy the game, so he can join in the fun.

Upon purchasing the game, Gigolo receives a mechanical tool – a snap-on, waterproof device – along with a set of instructions, and a code. The instructions tell him to snap the device onto a pipe that water flows through. Examples include sink taps, shower necks, bathtub taps, and water pipes. Gigolo snaps his device onto the neck of his shower. Continue reading

The Game of Means

Game Design by Ben Paster and Lila Faria

Original GameMonopoly
Brief Description: Monopoly is a board game in which players try to form a monopoly, by acquiring every piece of property in the game. They can do this by acquiring money through traditional styles of economic revenue, including realty (buying, selling, and renting property), as well as through additional methods of taxation. You can learn more here:

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Approaches to the Individual Design Problem

Approaches to the Individual Design Problem (Assignment): Submit a 2-page write-up that describes at least three different persuasive design approaches you could take in addressing your design problem. Try to make these approaches as diverse as possible from one another.  For instance, consider the different types of technology or infrastructure you could leverage, or different strategies that you could embody in your system. Your approaches should be developed within the context of interaction design. Consider how users might interact with a proposed system, what problem it will solve, and why it would be an improvement over existing solutions.

My Design Problem
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